Are NetEnt Slots Rigged?| Learning the Basics of Online Gambling

By 21 January 2021

Before the advent of online casino, traditional casinos made use of the mechanical slot machines. The mechanical slot machines operated in a manner where the player pulled the lever down which trigger the system to spin the reels. In case the player formed a combination code for the symbols it simplified a win. There were rampant cases of rigging of slot machines at the time by the house. With the uptake of online casinos, many people are still unsure of the fairness of these slot machines at . We break down how online slots work at NetEnt.


Random Number Generator

Ever wondered how the slot machines at online casinos come up with the results? Contrary to popular opinion, the results are not made up by the house to dictate who pulls off a win or a lose. The power of selecting a win or lose is far beyond the reach of the house such as at 4freephonebillanalysis . There is a complicate system in place that ensures the outcomes from the slot machine provide a fair chance of winning for any player at any time. Therefore, when stepping to the reels, your chances of winning are similar to the next player.

How is this achieved? This is majorly through the Random Number Generator. What exactly is the Random Number Generator? It is a computation in form of a written code enlisted as part of the architecture of the slot machine. What the RNG does is that it generates random numbers each time a player spins the reels. When the numbers are created, it is fed to the slot machine which translates to random outcomes with the spinning reels. In case the numbers generated by the RNG align to form a pattern, there will appear a combination of symbols on the reels indicating a win.

Whst About Return to Player

Do you wonder how the casino makes it profit? With land based casino, the costs of drinks, games and other services could add up the the profit margin of the casino. But with the online casino it is only the reels to make the money. Well, the online casinos use the return to player rates for making a profit. The RTP presents a proportion of the total percentage payable by the casino to the player. The remainder of the RTP is what makes the house edge which is spread throughout the gaming sessions of players over time at the casino.

How Can Tell a Legit Casino from a Scam?

With the upsurge of online casinos on the rise, it has paved way for the rise of scam sites that take advantage of unsuspecting online gamblers. This breeds the question, how can you tell a legit site from a scam? First off, the biggest red flag from a scam site is with their licensing information. For a site to operate, it must own the operating licenses from the supplier. In this case, this will be NetEnt, therefore all NetEnt casinos feature the same licensing information. The licensing information can be found at the bottom of the site's page.

  • NetEnt casinos have an operating license
  • The license is limited to certain countries
  • Some countries cannot access the NetEnt casino games

For example, when you are playing at a NetEnt casino, it means you are playing from a license casino. NetEnt is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. With the alliance with international regulatory bodies, it ensures that the casino games offered by the supplier meet the international standards. There are regular checkups done with the regulatory body that ensures the casino games are tested and approved. Upon testing and approving the casino games by the software developer, there is a certification offered. The certification is through a logo on the game that approves the authenticity and fairness.